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11 Russian Dishes That Are Missing From Your Life

Beets. Blini. Borscht.

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3. Pelmeni

Russian cuisine without pelmeni is like a Russian winter without snow: unimaginable! You simply HAVE to try these delicious meat dmplings. This is one way to make them. But you can also buy them frozen in a Russian supermarket.

5. Olivier salad

Think of this as a souped-up potato salad that goes great with a holiday meal. Typical ingredients include potatoes, carrots, peas, eggs, pickled cucumbers and cooked meat and/or sausage. Here's a recipe to try it out!

6. Dressed herring

Known colloquially as "herring under a fur coat," this impressive layered salad consists of salted herring, potatoes, carrots, red beets, onions, eggs and mayonnaise. Sometimes a sour green apple is added. Here's one way to make it.


8. Vinaigrette Salad

Think red beets, potatoes, pickles and pickled cabbage all coming together in one colorful (and very Instagrammable) salad. Here's one way to make it. Also, BTW, this is not the same as the French salad dressing.

Are there any must-try dishes we missed? Comment with your Russian recs below!

This post was translated from German.