The Things This Woman Can Do With Makeup Will Screw With Your Head

    I'm equal parts impressed and frightened.

    1. This talented artist is Dain Yoon, and she uses makeup to create optical illusions just to mess with you.

    2. No photoshopping! It's just makeup and it's so well done it almost makes you dizzy just looking at it.

    3. Does this one make you feel a little anxious?

    5. You'd better sit down before you start feeling light-headed.

    6. This one legit stresses me out.

    7. They're so confusing it almost hurts to look at.

    8. *blinks furiously*

    9. WHAAAAT?!

    10. Wow. I mean... WOW!

    11. It's so fascinating. But at the same time SO CREEPY!

    12. It's hard to believe she can pull it off with just makeup.

    13. OK, just one last picture then you're free. It's really impressive though, isn't it?

    Huge respect to this brilliant artist! You can marvel at more makeup transformations from Dain Yoon on her Instagram.

    This post was translated from German.