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    Dec 14, 2017

    17 Genius Life Hacks That Will Make Christmas With Kiddos A Little Easier

    How to baby-proof the tree, minimize mess and more.

    1. Wrap an empty cardboard box and keep it nearby on Christmas morning, so that you have a place to throw out all the crumpled wrapping paper.

    Chica and Jo / Via

    Plus, it'll look a gazillion times better than having a huge trash bag next to the Christmas tree, especially in the photos.

    2. To minimize more Christmas morning stress, put together all the kiddo gifts that need assembling in advance — that way, they can go ahead and play with it ASAP.

    mmattscott / Via

    Trust us: no one's going to feel like busting out the toolbox first thing in the morning.

    3. If the little ones really want to help decorate the tree, make them a mini felt tree that they can actually handle.

    The Photographer's Wife / Via

    DIY Felt Christmas tree instructions here!

    4. Up the ante on that Christmas ~magic~ by having Santa leave a few footprints behind.

    The Party Artisan / Via

    Cut out "footprints" from cardboard, and sprinkle baking powder and/or glitter around the edges.

    5. Establish a new tradition — and get a head start on tidying up for the New Year — by letting Santa Claus "take" old toys back.

    enmaryjimenez / Via

    If the toy chaos situation in your house is getting out of hand, this Christmas hack involves starting a tradition where everyone leaves out old toys for Santa to take back and give to needier kids.

    6. To help baby-proof the Christmas tree, put it in the corner and block off the sides with fake, weighted gift boxes.

    Love From The Oven / Via

    Especially key if there's a crawler in the house who might love to pull on tree branches.

    7. And if that doesn't work, a playpen will also do the trick.

    schwarzetaste / Via

    Then maybe explain that no, Christmas isn't in time-out...

    8. You can also hang bells on the lower branches, so that you can hear if the little ones or pets are pulling on the tree.

    Love From The Oven / Via

    Of course, make sure that the bells aren't so small that they're a choking hazard.

    9. And speaking of Christmas tree decorations, go for the non-breakable type, like anything made of plastic, wood, straw or cloth.

    Ornament splinters are not worth it.

    10. If you still want to hang glass ornaments and Grandma's antique china pieces, put them on a smaller decorative centerpiece that you can keep out of reach of little hands. /

    The more trees, the merrier, amirite?

    11. In general, if you're going to have kids around, hang your decorations up as high as possible.

    Love from the oven / Via

    This goes for garlands, tinsel, and stockings especially.

    12. Also, pro tip: baby shoes make for the cutest ornaments.

    StyleBlueprint / Via

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!

    13. Keep impatient kids (and, okay, adults) busy with simple craft projects, like making this glitter slime:

    growing a jeweled rose / Via

    You can find a recipe for that here.

    14. When it comes to decorating Christmas cookies, let kids use squeeze bottles.

    Bake at 350 / Via

    Waaaaay less messy.

    15. Use wrapping paper to distinguish which presents are for whom — plus, it adds a personal touch!

    Designate one type of wrapping paper to use for each person to minimize confusion and ~package envy~.

    16. Muffin liners are excellent for making paper snowflakes.

    PinThemAll / Via

    They're easier to handle for little hands, too!

    17. And finally, when you're out shopping with kids and they see things they want for Christmas, take a photo of them with the product as their "wishlist."

    Parent Hacks / Via

    You can tell them you're sending the pics to Santa, plus you'll have a personal catalog of the things they want.

    This post was translated from German.

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