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    6 Indie Films You've Probably Never Heard Of But Should Watch This Thanksgiving

    Because watching indie films instead of Hollywood blockbusters makes you 10 billion times more interesting.

    6. The Man From Orlando

    Orlando is a seasonal lifeguard/gangster, who decides to throw the towel in (har-har) on his life of crime and escape to Priddy, Texas. Little does he know the gang of evil lifeguards is in hot pursuit. This little film from Austin makes us appreciate all the wacky indie comedies that will never comply to Hollywood standards and are so much better for it.

    5. Karen's Room

    Who ever thought a short sci-fi comedy could be so romantic… This is a short tale of epicness, and begins with Karen waking up after a night of drinking locked in her room with a handsome suited stranger.. Think ‘Men In Black’ meets the girl next door with a side of British comedy.

    4. The Sea In Between

    Somewhere on an Island in Canada something magical happened. 15 musicians that had never met were brought together along with popular folk artist, Josh Garrels, to make an album of indie music goodness, and filmmaker, Matt Porter, was there to capture the whole story.

    3. Please Subscribe

    Please Subscribe’ is a documentary that takes an intimate look into the lives of famous YouTubers. We’re thankful that underneath the fame and millions of subscribers, we discover that these YouTube celebrities are just like us, they're people too. Oh, and now we know the secret to making money on YouTube.

    2. Andy Made A Friend

    'Andy Made A Friend' makes us thankful for narcolepsy and uncontrollable bladder problems - and the magical friendship they create. It also stars Heather Morris from Glee and her and Ash are totally adorable in this film. You’re Welcome.

    1. Sky High

    After a horrific BASE-jumping accident left 21 year-old Jarret Martin paralyzed, he continues to do the unthinkable and has a passion for living life like no other. This young boy could have lost it all but has chosen to live with more vibrancy and vitality than most people with two working legs. Warning: Sky High may increase your desire to live life more fully.

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