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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    The Struggles Of Having A Lot Of Hair In The Winter

    Why is it so hard to get it to dry?

    FIRST OF ALL, we all know winter hats are cute AF. But the results of taking off your winter hat? Not so much.

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    Remember, hat days aren't just choices, they're commitments.

    And if you've been blessed with thick hair, you literally have to fight to shove your voluminous tresses into a hat or hood.

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    That's IF your hair fits in anything else.

    Nothing will test your patience like trying to maintain healthy scalp and hair in the dry, unforgiving tundra.

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    The winter air is devoid of three things: sunshine, happiness, and moisture.

    Oh, and wearing a scarf around your neck might seem effortless, but when you're trying to untangle it from your hair? HA.


    Also prepare for the frizz resulting from the hair-to-scarf friction.

    You might think you can keep your wash-and-go routine when it's cold out, but with the convenience comes cruel, unforgiving hair icicles.

    Warner Bros.

    But if you want to avoid post-shower ice catastrophes, you must either sacrifice minutes of precious sleep to dry your hair...

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    ...OR take a night shower to let your hair dry overnight and transform into messy bedhead in the morning.

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    Because when it's cold out, you KNOW thick hair won't just dry on its own.

    Coats are good, right? Coats are harmless. WRONG. With coats come zippers, and with zippers come pain.

    Um my hair in this zipper right now

    And if all of that wasn't enough, even the best part of winter (sweaters) inadvertently mess with your fresh 'do when you try to pull them over your noggin.


    We trusted you, sweaters.

    Moral of the story? Hair and winter are in an unhappy marriage together. They just weren't meant to be.

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    Unless you use your hair for warmth, in which case, keep doing you.

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