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    28 Times "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" Overwhelmed You With Feels

    "To obtain, something of equal value must be lost."

    1. When Edward saw the results of his attempt to resurrect his mother.

    2. When he realized Al's body had been taken, and he was willing to give up everything without hesitation to get it back.

    3. When Alphonse questioned whether his brother had truly tried to save him, or if he had used his soul to create a monstrous puppet.

    4. When we learned that Izumi had also approached the portal of truth to bring back her unborn child.

    5. And then she reminded the brothers that it was okay to hurt, as they sobbed into her shoulders and begged for forgiveness.

    6. Nina.

    7. When Maes Hughes died trying to warn his friends about the danger in Amestris.

    8. And then when little Elicia couldn't understand what was happening to her father's body at his funeral.

    9. When Edward Elric stood out in the rain while trying to dig up the grave of his dead mother.

    10. Only to realize he and his brother had sacrificed an arm, a leg, and an entire body to bring back someone they didn't even recognize.

    11. When Hohenheim's entire country was sacrificed in exchange for an immortal life he never asked for.

    12. When Envy took its own life after admitting to being jealous of humans.

    13. When Mustang lost his vision after being forced to approach The Portal.

    14. When Greed sacrificed his life to defeat Father.

    15. When, like Edward, Scar's older brother also sacrificed an arm to keep him alive.

    16. Which invoked a state of rage that lead to the death of Winry's parents.

    17. And when Winry despaired that she couldn't bring herself to shoot Scar, Edward reminded her that her hands were meant to give life, not destroy it.

    18. When Edward saw Alphonse's body for the first time in front of his Gate.

    19. And when after being dragged through the portal, Edward burst back through to promise Alphonse that he wouldn't stop until he got his body back.

    20. When Alphonse traded his soul for Edward's arm so that his brother could have a fighting chance against Father.

    21. And then Hohenheim offered up his life to get Alphonse back, and Edward finally called him "father."

    22. And Hohenheim begged Edward to forgive him for being an absent father.

    23. When the series came full circle, and Edward was willing to give up everything again without hesitation to save his brother.

    24. And when despite all odds, he was able to bring him back from the portal whole — soul, body, and all.

    25. And Van Hohenheim finally found a semblance of peace before passing on while kneeling in front of his wife's grave.

    26. When Edward proposed to Winry in the most perfect and awkward way possible.

    27. And when they embraced, you realized EDWARD HAD FINALLY GROWN.

    28. When the series ended with this photo and we knew despite the pain, loss, and heartbreak, everything turned out okay.