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This Food Test Will Determine If You're Actually From Pennsylvania

Do you know your sauerkraut from your sauerbraten?

  1. PASHA18/Thinkstock
  2. What might you call this delicious sandwich?

    k.segars CC/Flickr: ksegars
  3. PASHA18/Thinkstock
  4. This is called "hog maw." Now, what exactly does that mean?

    cthoyes CC/Flickr: jaboobie
  5. What is this beautiful, glistening meat?

    Garrett Ziegler CC/Flickr: garrettziegler
  6. PASHA18/Thinkstock
  7. This sweet, thick pie made from sugar and molasses is called...

    Christopher Paquette CC/Flickr: chpaquette
  8. What name do these eggs go by?

    Fujoshi Bijou CC/Flickr: fujoshi
  9. PASHA18/Thinkstock
  10. What is the brand name of the popular packaged cakes you can find in PA grocery stores and gas stations? (Hint: the second half of the name is below)

    Tastykake/Tasty Baking Company
  11. PASHA18/Thinkstock
  12. PASHA18/Thinkstock
  13. PASHA18/Thinkstock
  14. What regional ice cream flavor looks like it could taste like cotton candy, but instead tastes like wintergreen gum?

  15. And FINALLY, what is this beautiful masterpiece, sent to us from heaven above?

    Wally Gobetz CC/Flickr: wallyg

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