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    12 Mobile Games You Can Play On The Subway

    There's more out there than just Candy Crush Saga.

    1. Two Dots

    The single-player sequel to Dots, Two Dots has all of the puzzle-solving fun of the first game with added power-ups, fun objectives, and nifty worlds for the player to go through. It's just a matter of connecting the dots!

    Price: Free on iOS and Android

    2. Lifeline

    An astronaut crash-landed on a moon, and you're the only person he can reach. In this interactive game, you'll use text to communicate with the stranded astronaut in real time as you guide him to safety, or to his death.

    Price: $1.99 on iOS and Android

    3. Plague Inc.

    Can you bring civilization to its knees by infecting every human in the world with a deadly disease? Starting with Patient Zero, you'll use wits and strategy to end humanity before they can find a cure to your deadly pathogens. It's deadly fun.

    Price: $0.99 on iOS and Android

    4. Duet

    The goal of this game is simple: rotate two orbs on a circular track to prevent them from colliding with incoming obstacles. Sounds easy? Think again. As a bonus, it only takes one free hand to play this game, so you can use the other hand to comfortably grip the metro pole during your morning commute.

    Price: $2.99 on iOS, free on Android

    5. Limbo

    Beautifully dismal, this creepy puzzle-platformer will keep you entertained for hours as you help a young boy navigate a treacherous landscape to find his sister. It might give you nightmares, but the puzzles are satisfying and it's pretty to look at.

    Price: $4.99 on iOS and Android

    6. You Must Build a Boat

    Can you guess what this game is about? In this satisfyingly rich puzzle-platformer-RPG hybrid, you'll strive to make your boat bigger and better by entering dungeons, collecting supplies, and fighting bizarre, pixelated monsters.

    Price: $2.99 on iOS and Android

    7. Stack

    All you have to do is stack the blocks as high as you can. The more you stack, the smaller the the blocks get, and as soon as you miss the top of the tower it's game over.

    Price: Free on iOS and Android

    8. ERA TD

    This isn't your average tower defense game. ERA TD emphasizes strategy and tactics while also offering a generous number of levels, features, and fighting abilities.

    Price: Free on iOS, not available for Android

    9. The Room

    You come across the box. You solve the puzzle and open it up to find...another box. And then another. This 3D puzzle game challenges you to reveal notes written by a mysterious person by undoing locks that open bizarre boxes. It's clever, challenging, and a great backdrop for a mystery.

    Price: $0.99 on iOS and Android

    10. Bonza Word Puzzle

    A perfect game for lovers of crosswords, word searches, and trivia. Simply solve the puzzle with the clues given by arranging the free-standing letter tiles to form as many words as you can.

    Price: Free on iOS and Android

    11. Shadow Fight 2

    Love fighting games? Shadow Fight 2 gives you endless equipment options, powerful battle magic, and beautiful graphics, all while you fight in — you guessed it — shadow. You'll never want to button-mash on any other mobile fighting game.

    Price: Free on iOS and Android

    12. Dumb Ways to Die

    Can you safely board a train? Instruct a self-taught pilot? Protect your private parts from piranhas? Well, there's only one way to find out. Play Dumb Ways to Die to see how long you can go without dying in an excruciatingly dumb way.

    Price: Free on iOS and Android