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    21 Struggles Of Having A Mom Who's Hotter Than You


    1. MILF comments are a never-ending nightmare for you.

    2. You refuse to stand next to her in family photos. Actually, everyone refuses to stand next to her in family photos.

    3. Folks are ALWAYS shocked to learn she's your mother. Aunt? Sister? Yes. But mother? No way.

    4. And when you introduce her as your mom, people react like it's the greatest plot twist in history.

    5. Sometimes introducing your mom to your friends is terrifying because you're not ready to have them gawk at her.

    6. You always try to steal from her closet but her stuff just never looks as good on you.

    7. Whenever you're out together, it becomes your duty to protect her from the creepers...

    8. ...because there is ALWAYS someone trying to creep.

    9. And there is NOTHING more traumatizing than seeing someone your age hit on your mother.

    10. Going clothes shopping together is the worst because she looks good in all the stuff you want to wear.

    11. You're afraid to introduce her to new trends because you know she'll rock them so much better.

    12. She would always show up to your concerts and school functions looking glam as hell, even though you were supposed to be the star of the show.

    13. Ma always expects you to be on her level when it comes to beauty routines, but it's just never been your thing.

    14. You are kind of terrified for your S.O. to meet your mom because they might find her more attractive than you.

    15. For some reason everyone assumes you have great genes because of your mom.

    16. And then they talk about how great you'll look when you're her age, like that's some type of consolation prize.

    17. Sometimes when you have friends over, they get caught up in your mother's radiant aura and forget they came over to hang with YOU.

    18. And they always go to her for style tips without even bothering to ask you first.

    19. Whenever you meet someone new, they stand in awe of her ethereal beauty while just occasionally glancing at you.

    20. At family reunions, people always look at the two of you and joke about not being able to tell who the mom is.

    21. You are constantly being asked to relay compliments to her when people are too intimidated to do it themselves.

    But at the end of the day, it's all OK because not only is she hella fine, she's your mama and you love her.