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16 Calming Websites That Will Put You At Ease

The internet can be a very good place.

1. The Thoughts Room

Mind cluttered? Brain too full? Type it out. Release everything that is overwhelming you and watch it disappear forever into The Thoughts Room. Try it here.

2. Flow


This game's gorgeous design and stunning soundtrack is calming enough to center and quiet your mind. Though it's now available for PlayStation, you can still play it online here.

3. Neonflames

Use a vibrant array of colors to create your very own nebula right in your browser. Mysterious, subtle, and unquestionably stunning, this artistic exercise will surely put your mind at ease. Try it here.

4. Calming Manatee

Need a loving reminder or a shoulder to lean on? Calming Manatee provides sweet sayings coupled with photos of cute manatees. What else do you need? Try it here.

5. Looking at Something

Feel in control by shifting the weather with just a flick of your mouse. As you move your cursor around the screen, the intensity and direction of the rain will shift with it. Try it here.

6. Simply Noise

Center yourself with not only white noise, but pink and brown noise, as well. Whether you're seeking sleep or a little bit of peace, this will be sure to help. Try it here.

7. Rainy Mood

Seek refuge in sound by immersing yourself in cascading raindrops and murmuring thunder. A natural and calming soundscape that will put you at ease. Try it here.

8. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Still your mind and your hands by forcing yourself to do nothing for two minutes. It's much harder than it sounds, but you'll feel so good afterwards. Try it here.

9. Blah Therapy

Vent to a random stranger, or let a random stranger vent to you. Either way, it's just nice to have someone to talk to. Try it here.

10. Weave Silk

Drag your mouse around the screen to create a lovely and calming display in a series of soothing colors. Meditative, relaxing, and pleasing to look at. Try it here.

11. Calm

This site leads you through a guided meditation session in increments up to 20 minutes. There are a number of options that allow you to fully customize your experience. Try it here.

12. The Nicest Places On The Internet

It's like Chat Roulette, but for hugs, so clearly it's MUCH better. If you're feeling down and in need of a pick-me-up, receiving love from random strangers will definitely help. Try it here.

13. The Quiet Place

Clear your mind for a few seconds with a little pep talk and relaxation session. It never hurts to disconnect from the world for a little bit. Try it here.

14. Casanova

In this online game, you try to stretch a little giraffe's neck so he can give a taller giraffe a kiss. That's it. What could put you in a better mood than that? Try it here.

15. Gives Me Hope

Raw, heartfelt, sentimental, and always touching, this website provides a series of anonymous notes featuring moments that gave people hope. Try it here.

16. Soundrown

Easy to navigate with a fun and simple design, Soundrown allows you to create your perfect relaxation soundtrack by mixing calming audio elements. Try it here.