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    21 Questions Girls Who Play Dungeons And Dragons Are Sick Of Answering

    How hot is your character?

    1. "Are you here to watch your boyfriend play?"

    2. "Did your boyfriend get you into this game?"

    3. "Could you be our healer?"

    4. "Are you playing as a half-elf?"

    5. "Don't you think a spell-casting class would suit you better?"

    6. "Can we have NPCs hit on your character in a tavern, or is that too sexist?"

    7. "Are you playing as a girl?"

    8. "Do you have to roll disadvantage when you play a female character?"

    9. "Do you need help understanding the PHB?"

    10. "Do you need someone to calculate your damage for you?"

    11. "Do you need help casting this spell?"

    12. "Can you talk to that tree for us? Strangers and plants are more receptive to women."

    13. "Can you use your maternal instincts to care for these children we found on the side of the road?"

    14. "Is your character wearing a chainmail bra like in the PHB?"

    15. "Is your fairy fire pink?"

    16. "Most chicks play as lawful good, right?"

    17. "Would you feel better if someone protected you throughout combat?"

    18. "Also, can you let us know if the gore and violence is a little too much?"

    19. "When you change back into a humanoid form after using wild shape, can you alter your boob size?"

    20. "Do you meet a lot of dudes while playing this game?"

    21. "Why are you rolling like a girl?"