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12 Reasons To Give Out More Hugs

You can't go wrong when you spread more love.

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1. Hugs are 100% free.

Matthew G CC / Via Flickr: streetmatt

That's the great news about hugs — you can give and receive as many as you like for zero cost. So many other things that bring us joy cost money, but for a lot of people hugs feel just as nice and are completely free.

2. Hugs are inclusive.

Alex Naanou CC / Via Flickr: f_lynx

Hugs don't have to be between just two people. You can include just about as many people as you like when it comes to a nice hug. The more the merrier when spreading love around!

3. They're highly customizable.

Paulina Kim Joo CC / Via Flickr: music_embassy

Hugs aren't limited to just being romantic or just being friendly. Depending on who you hug and how you do it, they can convey a wide range of feelings and emotions. It's just another reason to never be stingy with the hugs.

4. They're a great way to hit the pause button.

aaron gilson CC / Via Flickr: aarongilson

A hug can freeze time. For just a moment, all you need to focus on is the security and warmth of another's arms. Sometimes it's nice to let the world stop and take in the moment, or at least catch your breath before moving forward.


5. You can give as many as you like.

Paula Satijn CC / Via Flickr: paulasatijn

Since they're free, you can't max out on hugs for the day. You can give 20, or you don't have to give any — it's completely up to you! Also chances are, the more hugs you give, the better you'll feel.

6. Science says they're good for you.

Ted Eytan CC / Via Flickr: taedc

Hugs can lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and raise oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone that lowers stress levels, strengthens social bonds, and improves overall mental health. Basically, there are very few downsides to hugging when it comes to the health of your body and mind.

8. The more hugs you give, the better you get.

kleydo CC / Via Flickr: kleydo

Practice makes perfect, and the same is true for hugs. Since they're free to give out, there's no reason not to practice every day. And if you like hugging, you might as well be great at it!


12. Even after they're over, hugs stay with you for a long time.

Tania Cataldo CC / Via Flickr: taniacataldo

Eventually you have to break apart, but the residual comfort of a nice hug never leaves immediately. Hugs are shields that keep negativity out, and they help to generate warmth and compassion from within. Barriers that strong don't dissipate as soon as you drop your arms. Even with strangers, hugs are connections of love, and love lasts a very long time.