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16 Foxes Who Don't Give A Flying Fuck About You Or Your Feelings

"Go away." — every fox ever.

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1. This fox, who kindly asks that you back the hell up and stop stepping on her heel.

Steve K CC / Via Flickr: 16927804@N07

2. This fox, who demands to know why you left the room without shutting the door and turning the light off like she asked.

David Alexander Elder CC / Via Flickr: davidalexanderelder

3. These foxes, who just got caught talking shit about you and don't even care.

schwa021 CC / Via Flickr: michaelhschwartz

4. This fox, who doesn't need you to explain how forests work to her.

Alias 0591 CC / Via Flickr: renemensen

5. This fox, who dares you to look at her ears one. More. Time.

justin yamada CC / Via Flickr: jysharky

6. This fox, who didn't invite you and doesn't understand why you're here.

Steve K CC / Via Flickr: 16927804@N07

7. This fox, who demands you stop blocking her sunlight.

Brian Dewey CC / Via Flickr: bdewey

8. This fox, who just thinks it's time for you to leave.

Jeffrey Beall CC / Via Flickr: denverjeffrey

9. This fox, who is about to call your dad because she's so disappointed in you.

Roberta Taylor CC / Via Flickr: robertataylor

10. This fox, who is silently plotting revenge as we speak.

B A Bowen Photography cc / Via Flickr: riverbk

11. This fox, who can't even stand to look you in the eyes right now.

Eric Bégin CC / Via Flickr: ericbegin

12. This fox, who honestly can't believe you just said that.

Pat Bell CC / Via Flickr: pmbell64

13. This fox, who wants to know if you said what she thinks you said.

peggycadigan CC / Via Flickr: 30146540@N02

14. This fox, who thinks you're really harshin' the vibe.

Daniel ............ CC / Via Flickr: loshak

15. This fox, who can't even hide how little she cares about your opinion.

Helen Haden CC / Via Flickr: hellie55

16. And this fox, who just honestly just doesn't understand why you're still here??

Bob CC / Via Flickr: bobandthebirds

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