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    21 Faces Every Dungeons And Dragons Player Will Recognize

    Never piss off the DM.

    1. When someone touches your dice without permission.

    2. When you noticeably piss off the DM.

    3. When you walk into an ominous cave and roll low on a perception check.

    4. When you're the only person who brought their PHB.

    5. When someone in your party casts a spell as a ritual in the middle of combat.

    6. When the DM tells you to roll initiative.

    7. When your friend shows you a multiclass character homebrew.

    8. When the DM says "you have six seconds."

    9. When you get an attack of opportunity.

    10. When you roll a natural one.

    11. When you cast bless or bardic inspiration.

    12. When you come to a game with a new dice set.

    13. When the DM tries to get you to drink a mysterious potion.

    14. When you crit fail a medicine check.

    15. When someone asks you about the difference between a wizard and a sorcerer.

    16. When your party starts a bar fight and you're the only lawful good character.

    17. When you're waiting for someone to cast a spell because they can't find it in the PHB.

    18. When you roll so low on initiative it feels like you won't get a turn until tomorrow.

    19. When you have to choose between stabilizing a teammate and defeating the boss.

    20. When you complete a session and don't have enough XP to level up.

    21. And that sweet moment when then the DM asks you to describe your kill after a boss round.