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    Here's How You Can Climb Mount Everest Without Leaving Your House

    ♫ Ain't no (virtual) mountain high enough. ♫

    Mount Everest: Earth’s highest mountain. Adventurers spend weeks trying to scale this dangerous force of nature in Nepal.

    ...But now with Everest VR you can complete the journey in an hour without having to go outside!

    Sólfar Studios has partnered with effects studio RVX to create an unprecedented virtual experience that gives users a feel for what the expedition would be like.

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    This virtual reality game uses over 300,000 images of the actual Mount Everest to create highly realistic visuals. Everest VR will be released on HTC Vive, allowing users to walk around and interact with their environment.

    Fortunately for us mere mortals, we got to try it out.

    First, we had to gear up. Everest VR requires a HTC Vive headset, controllers, and headphones so you can take advantage of all the cool sound effects.

    Once we had all that on, we were ready to play (AND we looked like badass cyborg warriors).

    Two sensors in opposite corners of the room tracked our movements to help us interact with the virtual icy world.

    The experience was immediately immersive, and the gear totally convinced us that we weren't in an 8 x 10 room.

    Once we had the headsets on, the controllers looked like mittens we could use to interact with the virtual world.

    Even though we only had to click to grip, we still had to move our arms and body in the right motions to climb or move across anything.

    The first part of the short demo included interactive tasks, such as traversing an icy rope bridge and climbing a ladder.

    Although we knew it was virtual, the visuals still made it terrifyingly realistic. Looking down while crossing the rope bridge and climbing the ladder made our stomachs plummet.

    And even though the room was really warm, Maritsa said she felt cooler once she put on the headset!

    For the second part, we were transformed into giant women and given freedom to walk around and through the mountain like we were ice gods.

    Playing through the entire game takes about an hour, and if you ever get to try it yourself, the ideal space should be 10 square feet.

    However, you can play in a smaller space. The bigger area ensures that you won't have motion sickness during gameplay.

    Though we probably won't fly to Mount Everest to compare this experience to the real one, it was pretty cool trying to be virtual mountaineers for a few minutes.

    Keep an eye out for Everest VR, due to be released on Steam later this year!