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Posted on Jul 23, 2015

We Know How Old You Are Based On Your Reading Habits

Your preferences are more telling than you think.

  1. faungg's photos CC / Via Flickr: 44534236@N00
  2. Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon CC / Via Flickr: payitforwardphotos
  3. quattrostagioni CC / Via Flickr: quattrostagioni
  4. Oneterry Aka Terry Kearney CC / Via Flickr: oneterry
  5. Wonderlane CC / Via Flickr: wonderlane
  6. Moonez / Via Flickr: katymoon
  7. Carlos Porto CC / Via Flickr: carlosporto
  8. Ginny CC / Via Flickr: ginnerobot

Thumbnail image courtesy of Rach CC

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