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    16 Little Bugs Who Love You And Believe In You

    Tiny bodies, big hearts.

    1. This itty bitty spider, who's so in awe of everything you've accomplished.

    PROJohn Flannery Follow CC / Via Flickr: drphotomoto

    2. This lil bumble butt, who says if he can fly, so can you.

    Radu Privantu CC / Via Flickr: radu_privantu

    3. This curious beetle, who wants to know your secret to being a good person.

    jijiwong CC / Via Flickr: 23141816@N06

    4. This fuzzy friend, who would hug you if he were bigger.

    5. This mantis cutie, who just wants you to be the best you possible.

    Matthew Fang CC / Via Flickr: matthewfch

    6. This pretty moth, who wants you to know the sun always comes back out.

    Samantha Henneke CC / Via Flickr: bulldogpottery

    7. This smooth caterpillar, who will curl up beside you if you're feeling lonely.

    8. This kind ladybug, who would give you the spots on his back if he could

    Mrs Airwolfhound CC / Via Flickr: amylloyd

    9. This determined crawler, who knows you have it in you to keep moving forward.

    John Flannery CC

    10. This little cuddle bug, who just wants to give you a fuzzy hug.

    Lottie CC / Via Flickr: milkyfactory

    11. This eager butterfly, who can't wait to see all the spectacular things you do next.

    Rob CC / Via Flickr: czechr

    12. This darling dragonfly, who is here to listen to all of your problems.

    Lumiere2005 CC / Via Flickr: lumiere2005

    13. This determined chomper, who knows you'll make it if you just hang in there.

    Jo Munday CC / Via Flickr: jolevine

    14. This stunning hopper, who's always willing to lend a leg.

    15. This sweet beetle, who has always looked up to you and always will.

    Taylor Boyley CC

    16. And this tiny bug buddy, who just wants to be there for you when you need it.

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