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    The High School Years- Junior Year

    Hello. So this is the story when I was in 11th grade. So I hope everyone will like this story. My DeviantART name is KITTYKINKIN. So yeah.

    One more year until I finally become a Senior. I heard this was one of the toughest years in high school. I thought about all the tests and what I would need to know. I was also thinking about going to college out in Seattle Washington. I live in Pennsylvania and that would be a LONG move away from home. I thought about going to college there since October. I also went to homecoming this year. But I didn't go to prom since I wanted to go with someone. I was also way better at drawing than 9th and 10th grade. I was also still into the classic rock fandom along with Hetalia. So Junior year was pretty good to me. Oh and in Modern American History we talked about America entering the world wars and Cold War. So that was Interesting.;) And I was pretty good in school. So yeah.

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