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    12 Problems Musicians Know

    "It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll." - AC/DC

    1. When your brain goes blank but your fingers remember what to do.


    Just keep playing. You'll do fine.

    2. Having to sing or play notes higher than you can register.


    If I go any higher I'm going to faint.

    3. Getting upset for missing a note in a song or part you've memorized.



    4. When you're called a music geek and your comeback is really witty just to make them dumb.


    *insert witty fact here*

    5. Routine maintenance on your instrument(s) and equipment that costs a lot.


    Goodbye money.

    6. Getting a new piece of equipment and have no idea how to use it.


    Where are the instructions?

    7. Transporting your instrument(s) through cold and crappy weather.


    This is your workout basically.

    8. Playing an obscure instrument that most music places can't help you with.


    Does anybody know how to fix a Lur?

    9. Getting all motivated to practice when at work or school but loose it once you get home.


    I'll just practice tomorrow or the next day.

    10. Wanting to practice at night when everyone's asleep.


    Just play very softly.

    11. Getting a new instrument and start feeling bad when you start neglecting your older ones.


    I love them equally.

    12. And when non-musician people just don't get you.


    It's a musician thing.

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