25 Signs You Go To Quinnipiac University

Let’s face it, we live the legend. Collaborated with senior bobkitten, Joe Rodriguez

1. You’ve Instagrammed the Clock Tower…multiple times and multiple angles

“My school > your school”

2. Java John has learned your name without seeing your QCard

“You’re my favorite!”

3. You’re still not over the Frozen Four loss

but Yale still sucks

4. Tenders and fries is your biggest temptress

What diet?

5. You treat the involvement fair and SPB events as adult trick or treating

cause who doesn’t need a mini frisbee and another drawstring backpack?

6. Your reaction when you meet someone outside of New England, New York and New Jersey

so like what do you call it? a water fountain or bubbler?

7. No matter the hour, Arnold Bernhard is always there for you

8. SGA Wednesdays

realitytvgifs / Via tumblr.com

9. Freshmen’s reaction to Orientation Leaders

10. You find it absurd to wait in a 20 minute line for a small cup of coffee at Au Bon Pain

realitytvgifs / Via tumblr.com

…but yet you do it. “what u waaaaant?”

11. You complain about Bobcat Net going down for five minutes

…yet still manage to tweet about it #UGH #IPAY50000DOLLARSTOGOHERE

12. Spending money at the bookstore

take it, just take it all or do you accept tears?

13. Athletics. Emails.

realitytvgifs / Via tumblr.com

We’re going to Bobcat Madness…are YOU?!

14. Home Sweet Home

It consistently sucks, but here you are back at it Saturday nights

15. You have a soft spot for cafe workers, Lucille and Faye

but really who can resist that butterfly clip?

16. You’re probably waiting for the shuttle as you read this

and waiting…..and waiting………………………….

17. Toads your Freshman Year

18. Toads your Senior Year

19. Senior Year Holy Land

Friday night Aunchies babaaaaaay #SENIORS

20. When I get an invite to a Toads Open bar

realitytvgifs / Via tumblr.com

lets define “invite”

21. Never Forget: The QU Email Chain of 2013

Via Joe Rodriguez

who partied with the future of Quinnipiac! also where’s the Caribu

22. Your ideal diet is Whitney Donut for breakfast, Ray and Mikes for lunch, Eli’s for dinner and Peachy Keen to top it all off

and you have “your regular” at each place

23. You’ll do just about anything for a free t-shirt

Donate a kidney for a free t-shirt!

24. When you realize every girls outfit consists of a NorthFace, Uggs and Leggings come wintertime

realitytvgifs / Via tumblr.com

Female bobcat uniform: CHECK

25. What you tell underclassmen your senior year and as an alumni


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