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    17 Signs You Were An Orientation Leader In College


    1. You find yourself dancing more than walking.

    2. You have an arsenal of fun facts at the ready.

    3. You LEGITIMATELY run on caffeine.

    4. You refer to the new students as your babies.

    5. You lose your voice by at LEAST day two.

    6. Icebreakers and get to know you activities have become second nature

    7. You are OBSESSED with your staff.

    8. The moment when you see the new students fall in love with your school.

    9. That ONE song that makes you think of orientation.

    10. As soon as orientation is over you are immediately sad.

    11. You know EVERY single fact about your school.

    12. When orientation takes over all social media.

    13. You know that sleep is for the weak.

    14. When your orientees look up to you.

    15. You tell your orientees and staff your whole life story within 10 minutes.

    16. When you see your orientees on campus you feel like a local celeb.

    17. The sleepless night and early mornings are worth it to see your orientees as happy as you at school.