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    Posted on Oct 1, 2013

    12 Ways To Know You're A Psychology Major

    And how does that make you feel?

    1. You get the question: "what are you doing with your major?" daily

    like, maybe work with kids?

    2. When people ask you: "Are you analyzing me?"

    only that you're STUPID

    3. You dread your thesis

    but WHY does it have to be so LOOOONG

    4. You're the therapist amongst your friends

    5. You self diagnose yourself with every disorder

    maybe I am a schizo?!?!?!!!!!

    6. Finding a boy in your class is a rare occurence

    7. Everyone thinks your major is easy

    Do you wanna take statistics? didn't think so.

    8. Sigmund Freud is your homeboy

    ...just kidding. DON'T have sex with your mom, you sicko

    9. Make me define the independent and dependent variable ONE more time

    10. You will eternally loathe research methods

    11. You've learned about Pavlov and his dogs so many times you salivate at the thought of the experiment

    12. It'll all be worth it when you help people... right?

    or something like that................

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