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    Angola Is Aiming For A New Conquest... The Space!

    To the Infinity and Beyond, here we go!

    The first Angolan satellite, built by a Russian consortium, will be placed in orbit in the first quarter of 2017, according to the Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Aristides Safeca.

    The Secretary of State said in Luanda that "the Angosat project is going well. It is within the agreed timeframe and in September 2016 it will be ready, and early 2017, at the latest in the first quarter, we will place the satellite in space”. The construction of the Angosat satellite, valued at 37 billion kwanza (294 million euros), is in charge of a Russian consortium led by RSC, and it is being held in Angola.

    The commissioning of this satellite will enable Angola to provide support services for electronic telecommunications, including the provision of broadband services and television. The Angosat will have a lifetime of 15 years and the project also includes the creation of two tracking stations in Angola and Russia.

    Already in 2012, Aristides Safeca had stated that the Angosat marked the entrance of Angola in "a new era of telecommunications, which requires conducting a space program that includes the launch of subsequent satellites in the future". "These stations allow a Russian intervention in command and control of the satellite, whenever it is deemed necessary, while Angola creates autonomy in this area", added the Secretary of State, stating that the Angosat will have a utilization of 99.2% of its planned capacity.