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The "iCarly" Cast Then Vs. Now

iGrew Up.

Miranda Cosgrove in 2007.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Miranda Cosgrove in 2017.

Arbitrary opinion: Kissin U is a bop and I won't hear otherwise!

Nathan Kress in 2007.

Jason Merritt / Getty

Nathan Kress in 2017.

Fun fact: Kress got married in 2015.

Noah Munck in 2007.


Noah Munck in 2017.

Fun fact: These days Munck is making funky YouTube videos.

Jerry Trainor in... 2008. Okay but it was January so basically 2007.

David Livingston / Getty Images

Jerry Trainor in 2017.

Fun fact: Trainor played the role of "Lanky kid" in Donnie Darko.

Pandora Cinema

Reed Alexander in 2007.


Reed Alexander (with a fan) in 2017.

Fun fact: Alexander authored a cookbook called Kewl Bites.

Mary Scheer in 2007.


Mary Scheer in 2017 (in Disney's Bunk'd).


Hot theory: Okay, Freddy's mom's name is Marissa Benson, and she kinda looks like Olivia Benson from SVU. Could they be sisters? Let's just say yes, confirmed.

Jeremy Rowley in 2007.


Jeremy Rowley in 2017.

Fun fact: Rowley is an alumni of the famous Groundlings improv school.

Jennette McCurdy in 2007.

Chris Polk / Getty

Jennette McCurdy in 2017.

Fun fact: Jennette and Miranda are still real life BFFs.

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