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    Posted on May 11, 2017

    17 Feelings You've Had If You've Ever Sent A Risky Text

    You know what type of text I mean!

    1. Regret.

    2. Anxiety.

    When you send a risky text & you nervous about the reply....

    3. Hiding.

    4. Just throwing shit.

    @imanisixela / Via Twitter: @imanisixela

    5. Regret, again.

    6. Caution.


    7. Evasion.

    When you send a risky text and you see the bubbles pop up

    8. Confusion.

    9. Patience.

    @EastenderReacts / Via Twitter: @EastenderReacts

    10. Escape.

    @d_whitteker / Via Twitter: @d_whitteker

    11. Fright.

    @huggingdinah / Via Twitter: @huggingdinah

    12. Utter dread.

    when u send a risky text to someone who has their read receipts on

    13. Recklessness.

    When you send a risky text but it doesn't pay off

    14. Frustration.

    when you send a risky text that you know will ruin the rest of your day but you can't stop yourself

    15. Self-awareness.

    @TheyCallMeGoods / Via Twitter: @TheyCallMeGoods

    16. Acceptance.

    17. And surprise.

    When you send a risky text and she gets even more riskier

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