11 Foolproof Reactions For The Fuckboy In Your Life

    Hail to the X-Files' queen of side-eye.

    1. When he blows you off last minute to "hang out with his boys."

    2. When you "accidentally" look through his web history.

    3. When he tells you you're the only girl he's sleeping with.

    4. When he's late with the takeout.

    5. When he shows up to your sister's wedding in square-toed shoes.

    6. When he tries to "Well, actually" you.

    7. When he's explaining why he needs to borrow $900 for new turntables.

    8. When he storms off but you don't care because chicken is bae.

    9. When he says he didn't remember you had plans.

    10. When dealing with fuckboys has earned you a mental health day.

    11. When he tries to tell you they're not worms.