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    These New Yorkers Dealt With A Stalled Subway Train By Starting A Drake Singalong

    Just hold on we're going home...two hours late.

    On Wednesday a subway car broke down, and a bunch of New Yorkers were trapped underground for more than TWO HOURS.

    And yes, everybody had to pee and poop and it was probably a little bit like this:

    And of course the train only breaks down when you actually need to be somewhere.

    Which was why commuter Chris Lewis decided to make the most of his predicament and start a Weeknd sing-along.

    Special shout-outs to the old people asking who The Weeknd is.

    Greg Wong was on dat train, chronicling the whole amazing story via Twitter and video.

    With the delay stretching past the one-hour mark, Wong says the stress in the car was palpable.

    So Lewis did all he could to make the most of the collective misery, remixing Drake lyrics to be about the fact that he was really, really late to work.

    Getting strangers to sing along to "Fuck this shit, I'm going home," might not have been the solution in a gentler city, but hello, New York.

    "It shows you how powerful music is in the midst of everyone wanting to kill the conductor," Lewis told BuzzFeed Life.

    When the rescue train finally arrived the passengers celebrated with this amazing DMX moment, which seems particularly appropriate after you've been stuck in a fucking subway tunnel for two hours.

    After we getting on the rescue train, we partied it up NY style. #goodvibes #StuckOntheE #gothamist #mta #ny1


    Lewis says the music was really the thing keeping everyone sane.

    "If I was on the train without my headphones, I would have lost my mind."

    But despite the massive inconvenience, nobody actually lost their mind, which is kind of a miracle.

    And thankfully Lewis's bosses understood the predicament and didn't actually fire him for being late.

    "My boss found it hilarious," Lewis says. "I sent him the news article."

    "Where else in the country would this happen but New York?" Wong pondered after the experience.