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Morgan Freeman Is Really Old And Other Fun Facts

1937? Was that even a year?

  1. Correct! 

    Daniel Craig is 47 and was born in 1968. Idris Elba is 43 and was born in 1972.

    Via MIGUEL MEDINA / Getty Images
  2. Correct! 

    Nicolas cage is 52 and was born in 1964. John Cusack is 49 and was born in 66.

    Via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
  3. Correct! 

    Denzel Washington is 61 and was born in 1954. Brad Pitt in 52 and was born in 1963.

    Via Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
  4. Correct! 

    Will Smith is 47 and was born in 1968. Leonardo DiCaprio is 41 and was born in 1974.

    Via Carlos Alvarez / Stringer
  5. Correct! 

    Tom Hardy is 38 and was born in 1977. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is 35 and was born in 1981.

    Via Niklas Halle'n / Stringer
  6. Correct! 

    Kevin Hart is 35 and was born in 1979. Aziz Ansari is 32 and was born in 1983.

    Via Cindy Ord / Stringer
  7. Correct! 

    Ryan Reynolds is 39 and was born in 1976. Ryan Gosling is 35 and was born in 1980.

    Via Cindy Ord / Stringer
  8. Correct! 

    Both actors are 78 aka old AF, but Morgan Freeman was born on June 1st 1937 while Anthony Hopkins was born on December 31st 1937.

    Via Earl Gibson III / Stringer
  9. Correct! 

    Michael B. Jordan is 29 and was born in 1987. Zac Efron is 28 and was born in 1987.

    Via Ethan Miller / Getty Images
  10. Correct! 

    Both John Krasinski and Oscar Isaac are 36, but Oscar Isaac was born March 9th 1979 while John Krasinski was born October 20th 1979.

    Via Frederic J Brown / Getty Images

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