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60 Foods That Taste Better When You're High

It's just science.

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1. Every flavor of Ben & Jerry's

2. String cheese

3. Cereal

4. GoGurt

5. A huge bite of cheddar cheese right from the block


6. Snack packs

7. Chicken fingers

8. Chicken tenders

9. Chicken strips

10. Fried chicken cutlets, sliced thinly

11. ~Eleven Oreos in one sitting

12. Apple juice

13. That purple bag of Doritos

14. Fudgesicles

15. Many crackers

16. Fun-Dip if that still exists

17. Bagel bites


18. Any non-typical shape of french fry (preferably wedge shaped)

19. Pizza combos

20. Anything pizza flavored

21. Mountain Dew Baja Blast

22. A tiny, tiny bite of someone else's leftovers in the fridge

23. A bowl of white rice covered in sriracha

24. Hot sauce on anything

25. Guacamole

25. Tapioca?

26. Cereal at night


27. Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce

28. Taco Bell (obviously)

29. McDonald's (obviously)

30. Arby's (maybe)

31. Cinnamon Toast Eggo waffles

32. Pop-Tarts

33. Egg-shaped Reeses

34. Most Gatorades

35. Chocolate milk

36. Mac & Cheese in shapes

37. The Paper:


38. Four different sodas and some Powerade mixed together in a "water cup"

39. Vegetables, I guess

40. Flamin' Hot Cheetos FOR SURE

41. Cheese from a can

42. Minute Maid fruit punch

43. Grilled cheeses

44. The leaf that one dinosaur eats in "Land Before Time"

45. Fruit AKA "Nature's Candy"

46. Pancakes

47. Orange juice either from concentrate or not from concentrate

48. Buffalo chicken pizza

49. Never tried it but probably mustard


50. Whatever's in Mark's pantry

51. Marshmallow fluff

52. Off-brand cereal

53. Every donut

54. Graham crackers that are over a year old that have just been hanging out

55. Kozy Shack pudding, chocolate, 22 oz

56. Rolls

57. Those frosted cookies from the grocery store

58. Peanut butter

59. Various gums

60. And water

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