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15 Things Journalists Can Relate To

There are two types of people in this world: those who meet deadlines and those who don't.

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1. Writer's block is cruel.

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2. Deadlines are crueler.


3. Editors are never pleased.


4. Sometimes they're even insulting.

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5. Caffeine is your best friend.


6. Alcohol comes in at a close second.

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7. You go through an absurd number of notebooks every year.


8. Sources never get back to you.

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9. No, seriously. Sometimes you think your emails have vanished into a digital black hole.


10. And when they do get back to you, it's almost always at a bad time.


11. Town council meetings are painfully boring.


12. Interviews can be awkward.


13. Mastering multimedia can be tricky.

14. Being on TV can be stressful.

15. You tell people you're a freelancer, but what you really mean is...


But when all's said and done, you wouldn't trade your job for the world because you still get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when somebody appreciates your work.


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