An Aussie TikToker Is Sharing Her Experiences As A Flight Attendant And I'd Like To Apologise On Behalf Of All Passengers

    From one ex-customer service girly to another, I'm truly so sorry.

    Life as a flight attendant seems glamourous and fun, according to my friend of a friend's Instagram posts. One minute they're in the sky on a 15 hour flight to the US, and the next they're poolside in Bali working on their tan, before heading to Japan.

    Flight attendant serving drinks on a plane

    But since I started seeing this Aussie TikToker's "POV You're Cabin Crew" videos on my FYP, the illusion has been shattered and my faith in the human race is officially non existent.

    In one of her videos, Kayla shared her encounter with a passenger after she was asked to heat up a baby's milk bottle on board a flight. And after listening to the response, I was left questioning whether or not we're living in a simulation and if the said passenger was glitching.

    In the middle of the night on a 14hr flight🙄 plenty of time for everyone x #cabincrewpov #customerservicestory

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    "No, I just think it's ridiculous that you're using your time to warm up something that isn't gonna even help us passengers and it isn't even part of the plane menu."

    Kayla explains how a passenger is outraged when they overhear her agreeing to warm up the baby's bottle of milk. They thought the idea of "using your time to warm up something that isn't gonna even help" the other passengers was absurd. I lost braincells trying to comprehend why this was even arguable.

    Meanwhile in the comments section, people shared how they would have snapped back during this seemingly surreal situation.

    Kayla isn't the only one opening up about the baffling experiences of working in customer-facing jobs. TikTokers from around the globe have been sharing their horrible customer experiences and boy oh, boy there's some pearlers.

    Lady smiling with a headset on

    #CustomerService and #CustomerServiceProblems have a combined view count of 16.6 billion worldwide and the stories just keep on coming (usually stitched with a soothing video of someone making a cake or playing with slime).

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    Because I cannot undo the actions of snarky Karens and angry Gregs, all I have to say is thank you to Kayla and all customer-facing workers. I hope the pillow that you sleep on is always cold.