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    Cost Of Living Up, Self Care Down — 12 Things Australians Are Giving Up Because It's Too Damn Exxy

    "Why can't the bank just print more money?"

    In between the morning coffee runs, big grocery shops and occasional nights out, we've all been hit with a post-spend realisation that goes a little something like, "WTF. Why is it so expensive to be alive?"

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    Blame it on the "cozzie livs", babe.

    And while I'm aware that my dream of owning property in Sydney gets further away with each purchase of an iced long black — it's not going to stop me. I need it to make my brain go zoomies.

    However, some Australians — with a stronger sense of willpower and better financial literacy — have made the smart decision to cut back on what they don't ~REALLY~ need. Others have been forced to cull the essentials, because of inflated prices and the country's rising median cost of living, per household.

    Many people have been pushed to breaking point, as they attempt to navigate the uncertainty and inevitability of a global financial crisis.

    Some have taken to Reddit to share their tales of sacrifice. Here are a few things that Aussies are giving up to save a bit of extra coin:

    1. "My health."

    — u/jetski_28

    2. "I've given up buying farmer-friendly brands."

    "I am SO conscientious about which companies I support with my tiny contributions. I always read labels to check where ingredients are sourced and I try to buy locally owned whenever I can. But now my fridge and pantry are full of Coles and Woolworths branded products and I FEEL SO BAD."

    — u/wheresWoozle

    3. "A social life."

    "Just like my early 20s all over again."


    4. "Streaming services."

    "I'm sailing the digital high seas' now — if you get what I mean."


    5. "Motorbike riding."

    "My beast is a thirsty one, so I ride to The Hills half as much as I used to."  


    6. "Eating out or Uber Eats."

    "It's tempting when it's freezing cold to just order in, but now that the average order is $50 for two people, it's just not economically viable."


    7. "All hopes & dreams."


    8. "New clothes."

    "I’ve learnt to repair clothes with a needle and thread."  


    9. "Going to restaurants/pubs, food delivery and cheese."

    "Fuck those cheese prices."


    10. "2-4 litres of Oak chocolate milk per day."

    "Two to four litres of Oak chocolate milk per day."

    11. "Red meat is out of the question these days."

    "Chicken and the occasional fish that we catch is our meat these days. And even chicken is starting to get to the point of being too expensive."


    12. And finally, "Being happy."


    Have you had to sacrifice anything to keep up with "cozzie livs"? Let us know in the comments below.

    It's time for me to make a budget...*sigh*   

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.