19 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Wild Mall Culture Was In The ’80s, ’90s, And ’00s

    Today's malls are a shadow of what they used to be in the '80s, '90s, and 2000s.

    Shopping malls in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s were absolutely mesmerizing. Between the architecture and aesthetic of the shopping centers, malls in the past practically were museum-like.

    1. In 1999, Mall of America had a 7-acre theme park, Camp Snoopy, under 1.2 miles of skylight inside the Mall of America. Mall of America was literally unhinged in the 1990s.

    Mall of America

    2. This shopping mall in 2003 Cairo, Egypt is complete ART.

    Egyptian shopping mall

    3. Shopping mall "Shoppi" in Spreitenbach (1995) looks like a carnival surrounded by retail stores. People that have shopped here, how does it feel to live my dream?

    Shopping mall

    4. Eldon Garden shopping centre in Percy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1989 looks like it could be a hotel alongside a mall. In all honesty, hotel-malls should be a thing if they aren't already, and they should be reminiscent of the Eldon Garden shopping centre.

    Eldon Garden shopping centre

    5. European malls were just as wild as US shopping malls in the 1990s. It was a British couple, Debbie Lane and Damian Clapp, that made shopping mall history when they wedded in a shopping mall located in Redhill, Surrey, in 1999.

    Redhill Surrey shopping mall

    6. Joy City shopping mall in Xidan district of Beijing in 2009 looks like a dreamworld.

    Joy city shopping mall

    7. Gen Z will never experience how fun, and somewhat costly, it was to shop for physical records. This photo is from the Ala Moana Center Shopping Mall in 1993.

    Ala Moana Center Shopping Mall

    8. Mall of America, seen here in 2003, opened in 1992 and settled in Bloomington, Minnesota, is like the Disneyland of shopping malls in America.

    Mall of America

    9. Mall of America was outdoing many American shopping malls in the 1990s.

    Mall of America

    10. Victoria Square shopping centre, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, looked ethereal in 2008.

    Victoria Square shopping centre

    11. Mall of America wins again for being the most extra shopping mall.

    Mall of America

    12. Cabot Circus Shopping Centre in Bristol, United Kingdom in 2008 looks so futuristic at night.

    cabot circus shopping

    13. Name a shopping that was more extravagant than the 1990s Mall of America. I'll wait...

    Mall of America

    14. This entire 1986 pic is a synopsis of 1980s youth mall rat culture.

    1980s shopping mall

    15. Union Square in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2009 is so aesthetically pleasing it hurts.

    Union Square

    16. The Cleveland Arcade Shopping Center in 1993 was utterly fabulous.

    Cleveland Arcade Shopping Center

    17. The famous Lujiazui Super Brand Mall in Shanghai, China in 2015 is absolutely stunning and massive. Any serious shopaholic would have a field day in this mall!

    Lujiazui Super Brand Mall

    18. Mall of America strikes again for being the most populated mall in the 1990s...

    Mall of America

    19. Jon Jerde, the architect responsible for designing the Mall of America, was ahead of his time, truly.

    Mall of America

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