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    Willow Smith's Music Is Criminally Underrated, And These 19 Songs By Her Are Underappreciated

    In 2022, Willow Smith IS alt-culture.

    Willow Smith, mononymously known as Willow in the industry, is a criminally underrated music artist who doesn’t get enough credit for her artistry or versatile music catalog.

    Willow Smith performing with a guitar onstage

    1. "Wait a Minute!"

    2. "Summer Fling"

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    Roc Nation

    This is the epitome of alt–dream pop.

    3. "Time Machine"

    Willow gesturing onstage

    4. "Lipstick"


    5. "Transparent Soul" Feat. Travis Barker

    Willow singing into a microphone

    6. "Meet Me at Our Spot" by the Anxiety (Willow Smith and Tyler Cole)

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    MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records LLC

    The awesome "Meet Me at Our Spot" should be appreciated more outside of the TikTok realm. Willow's partnership with Tyler Cole to form the alternative/pop duo the Anxiety was a great move because it enabled her to create this wonderful song.

    7. "9" Feat. SZA


    8. "Female Energy, Part 2"

    Willow onstage in a short skirt and midriff-baring top

    9. "Marceline"

    Willow singing into a microphone onstage

    10. "Grow" Feat. Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker

    11. "Rose Golden" Feat. Kid Cudi

    Willow singing onstage with a guitar and a view of space as a backdrop

    12. "Waves of Nature"

    Willow singing onstage

    13. "Like a Bird"

    Willow singing onstage with eyes closed

    14. "Brahma's Song" Feat. Jahnavi Harrison

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    Willow deserves recognition for "Brahma's Song" simply for effortlessly singing it in Sanskrit.

    15. "Gaslight" Feat. Travis Barker

    Willow with hair shorn sings onstage

    16. "After You Cry" by the Anxiety

    17. "Flowers"

    Willow with hair shorn on the red carpet

    18. "Boy"

    Willow, wearing large sunglasses, smiles onstage

    19. "IDK"

    Close-up of Willow kneeling and gazing into the camera and wearing combat boots

    What other songs by Willow do you think are undervalued? Let me know in the comments below!