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What Are The Most Shocking Reality TV Moments Ever?

We need to know!

Hi, friends! If you're anything like me, you love reality TV.

And you also probably know that reality TV shows are known for having some pretty wild moments.

Whether it's competition shows like Big Brother, dating shows like Love Island, or documentary shows like Below Deck Mediterranean, they've all got shocking moments that'll leave you staring at the TV like this:

Maybe you'll never forget when Tanisha started banging pots and pans on The Bad Girl's Club because she couldn't get any sleep.

Or maybe you'll never get over the absurdity of Jonny Fairplay lying about the death of his grandma on Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Perhaps you're still shook whenever you think about the time Aviva slammed her prosthetic leg on the table after someone called her fake on The Real Housewives of New York City...because it was the only fake thing about her.

Whatever it is, I wanna hear it about! In the DropBox below, tell me about the wildest, most shocking thing you've ever seen on reality TV. Don't forget to mention the show it was on, and the season if you remember it!