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What Is The Most Ridiculous Movie Quote Of All Time?

"Hold on tight, spider monkey."

Movies, we love to see 'em! Sometimes they give us truly iconic lines that we quote for decades...

And other times...well, they fall a little short. Have you ever watched a movie with a line so absurd, you had to pause it and process the absolute buffoonery you just heard?

It can be cringey. It can be serious. It can even be so dumb that it's actually kinda funny. Whatever it is, I wanna hear it!

Maybe you can't believe Edward actually uttered the "spider monkey" line in Twilight.

Or maybe Harley Quinn's line in Suicide Squad about not being ~normal~ really grinds your gears.

Perhaps Ultron's omelet joke in Avengers: Age of Ultron was just...not it.

Whatever it is, we wanna hear it! Tell us the dumbest movie quote you've ever heard and what movie it's from in the DropBox below. It just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, too!