18 Really, Really, REALLY Good Things That Happened This Week

    Happy 98th birthday, Betty White!

    1. This week, Betty White turned 98 and her Proposal costars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock serenaded her with this adorable video:

    Happy 98th Birthday to the one and only Betty White #XCVIII @BettyMWhite

    2. This delivery driver got to meet this sweet, sweet doggo on the job:

    3. Karan Brar got a tattoo in memory of his late Jessie costar Cameron Boyce:

    a photo of Cam & I the day before his 19th birthday and part of a letter he wrote to me on my 15th birthday. HUGE thank you to @unotattoonyc for doing such an amazing job- you are a legend my friend ❤️

    4. This pupper was so heckin' cute she inspired a topiary:

    Neighbors are a big fan of Luna apparently

    5. This person bought a "large fern" and ended up with, well, THIS:

    i bought a fern that was simply described as “large” and i did not know what the fuck i was getting myself into

    6. This little doggo basically became a celebrity on a train full of fourth graders:

    u/kittytime / Via reddit.com

    7. This wholesome man gave both gardening advice AND an important life lesson:

    8. This adorable pupper got all dressed up and was absolutely feeling himself:

    9. It rained veggies in Australia this week thanks to officials dropping loads of food for hungry wallabies affected by the fires:

    From @Matt_KeanMP Supplementary food drop rock wallabies, 1000 kg of sweet potato and carrot to 6 different colonies in Capertee and Wolgan valleys; 1000 kg across Yengo National Park; almost 100 kg of food and water in the #KangarooValley #NSWbushfires

    10. This person made a fancy little feast for their hamster:

    This is just too cute not to share

    11. The Jonas Brothers recreated this iconic Kardashian moment:

    12. These floofy pals cuddled up and waited for their favorite human to come home:

    13. This kind human left a message on the lost phone she found before returning it to the bar:

    lost my phone in the alps in a club and someone handed it into the bar ! i found this vid the next day and i love her please twitter help

    14. This person comforted and brought water to a scared koala in Australia:

    The koala pulled his hands towards itself and held his hand ❤ My heart can't 😭

    15. Young moms hilariously recreated childhood pictures with their kids thanks to a new TikTok trend:

    16. This pup had so much fun exploring on his walk that he fell asleep before he made it back home:

    Every other morning I take a hike with my dog to the dog park, and on the way back he gets so tired that I gotta carry him back 😂

    17. This kitty cat practiced his lion dance for Chinese New Year and did really, really good:

    /u/AfterResearcher / Via reddit.com

    18. And finally, this boyfriend built a whole guitar for his girlfriend from scratch:

    My sweet boyfriend built me a guitar from scratch because I told him I wanted to start playing! <3