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    I Am Genuinely Shocked By How Much Money Taylor Swift Gave Her Eras Tour Crew In Bonuses

    It certainly isn't a "Cruel Summer" for the folks working on Taylor Swift's tour.

    This week, Taylor Swift's Eras Tour officially makes its last stop on the US leg of the tour, ending its run in Inglewood, California. The 52-show tour has hit 20 US cities since May, occurring rain or shine. It's even been credited as boosting the economy in the cities it's visited, leaving political leaders around the world begging Taylor to add their countries to her list of stops.

    Taylor Swift onstage

    I think it's safe to say Taylor's made quite the impact on the cities she's visited so far. Cities have changed their names, others have made her mayor for a weekend, and Taylor herself has quietly donated to several food banks in the cities she stops at.

    Taylor Swift onstage

    In case you need another reason to love Taylor Swift, boy do I have one for you. According to People, Taylor Swift recently gave some pretty massive bonuses to employees that have contributed to her national tour.

    Taylor Swift onstage

    From her dancers and sound technicians to caterers and truck drivers, Taylor has reportedly given over 55 MILLION dollars in bonuses to everyone working on the tour.

    That's right, FIFTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. Inquiring minds would like to does one get a job working on the Eras Tour????

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    Fans were also quick to point out this isn't the first they've heard of Taylor taking care of her team:

    John Shearer/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management / Via Twitter: @atwtmvtvftvsga
    "Mine do!"

    You can watch the clip for yourself here:

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    Now that the US leg is coming to a close, I am truly, genuinely curious just how many millions in bonuses will be dished out once the international leg of this tour is over. 👀 Well, "Long Story Short," we have no choice but to stan.