The City Of Glendale Has Officially Announced Its New, Taylor Swift–Inspired Name

    No better place to kick off the Eras tour than Era-zona!

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    A few days ago, Glendale, Arizona's mayor — Jerry P. Weiers — announced that the city would be officially changing its name to honor Taylor Swift kicking off the Eras Tour there. Well, I am delighted to inform you that the new name has been revealed! ... Are you ready for it?? DRUMROLL, PLEASE!

    A closeup of Taylor wearing a bejeweled halter neck outfit. Her hair is swept into a bun

    On March 17 and 18, the city of Glendale will officially be called......SWIFT CITY!

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    Listen, I was really hoping for Swiftdale, Era-zona, but it's still a pretty fun name if you ask me. Ugh, her impact. Can we say iconic? Like, look at this official proclamation!

    📝 Official proclamation for Swift City, Arizona 🫡

    Twitter: @TS13ontour

    Glendale, Arizona...please contact me if you make Swift City merch. My credit card WILL be out.

    Of course, Swifties around the world are sharing their excitement:

    A whole city changing its name in honor of Taylor Swift… her impact is truly unmatched

    Twitter: @tswifterastour
    Republic Records / Via Twitter: @rumorzfrominez

    @GlendaleAZ @taylorswift13 It’s giving this ans I’m here for it

    The WB / Via Twitter: @icouldstaylor

    me when my city isn’t renamed as “Swift City”

    Republic Records / Via Twitter: @xroseblushx
    Twitter: @faithless_hoax

    Personally, I'm a little crushed I won't get to visit Swift City myself, but there's still time to rename the US to "The United States of Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince" or something when the tour starts, right???? 👀

    You can watch the announcement for yourself here:

    JUST IN - Glendale Mayor temporarily renames the city “Swift City” in honor of @taylorswift13 kicking off her Eras Tour March 17th and 18th at State Farm Stadium @abc15

    Twitter: @NickCiletti
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