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    19 Unexpectedly Satisfying Things That Really Just Scratch That Itch In My Brain

    Anyone who says perfection doesn't exist has never seen this burger bun.

    1. These fluffy, flawless pancakes that are almost too pretty to eat:

    I think I’ve perfected my pancake game. from FoodPorn

    2. These color-coordinated board games that are so, so pleasing to my brain:

    Games at the thrift shop were arranged according to color. from mildlyinteresting

    3. This hot dog that's been so perfectly dressed, it looks as if it came straight out of a commercial:

    Omg I finally did the perfect mustard thing! from oddlysatisfying

    4. This leftover mushroom risotto that matches the countertop almost too seamlessly:

    Unintentionally mushroom risotto matches my countertop from mildlyinteresting

    5. This sticker that left behind a smooth and gunk-free book cover thanks to a handy little hack:

    Books-A-Million puts a slip of paper under the stickers on their books to prevent sticker residue being left on the covers. from mildlyinteresting

    6. The very satisfying synchronization of these pillows in the dryer that, tbh, I could watch all day:

    These pillows synchronized flipping in a dryer from oddlysatisfying

    7. This person who used not only one pen to the very last drop but a whole box of them:

    After 20 years of working at the same place, I vowed to finish a pen, then I finished the box. from oddlysatisfying

    8. This carefully crafted maki roll that's nothing short of a work of art:

    Sushi that’s almost to perfect to eat from oddlysatisfying

    9. This incredibly organized refrigerator that makes me feel very safe and comfortable:

    The way my fiancé organizes our fridge. from oddlysatisfying

    10. This snowman that is so smooth, it almost looks fake:

    I made a very round snowman from mildlyinteresting

    11. This Cheez-It that has no need to fit so snuggly inside this chocolate square, but I'm so glad it does:

    A cheez-it fits perfectly inside the border of a ghirardelli chocolate from mildlyinteresting

    12. The mesmerizing way this gold paint looks when it's stirred:

    Gold paint being stirred from oddlysatisfying

    13. These gummy candies that have been sorted so perfectly, whoever did it deserves an award:

    This stack of gummies from oddlysatisfying

    14. This super-smooth sando bun that cleared my skin and boosted my credit score just by existing:

    This pristine McDonald's bun from oddlysatisfying

    15. This neat and tidy grocery aisle that gives off the most peaceful energy:

    Since you guys showed me support with my ice cream zone organization, here is my hard effort at eggs and cream cheeses! Enjoy! from oddlysatisfying

    16. The way this pizza was practically made for this cutting board:

    Chopping board was spot on. from Perfectfit

    17. This guy's haircut that has no right to be as satisfying as it is:

    This perfect fade from oddlysatisfying

    18. This wee marshmallow that was toasted to absolute perfection:

    A perfectly cooked marshmallow. from FoodPorn

    19. And finally, this pizza box that not only fits perfectly in this fridge but ALSO makes its own handy little shelf:

    This pizza box makes its own shelf in the fridge from Perfectfit

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