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Sorry, Only People With Expensive Taste Can Pass These Restaurant Budget Quizzes

I hope you're hungry! 🍴

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of ten restaurant budget quizzes all in one place for your convenience.

1. I Bet You Can't Spend Over $30 On Food At Taco Bell β€” Can You Prove Me Wrong?

A taco, a strawberry lemonade freeze, and a quesarito
Taco Bell / BuzzFeed

C’mon, this quiz is a Baja blast! (Sorry, I HAD to.) Take it for yourself here.

3. It Shouldn't Be Hard To Spend Over $100 On Food At The Cheesecake Factory, But You Probably Can't

Pasta with one dollar sign And a steak meal with three dollar signs
Cheesecake Factory / BuzzFeed

This quiz will separate people with average taste buds from people with expensive taste buds πŸ€‘. Find out which ones you have here.

4. It Shouldn't Be That Hard To Spend Under $20 At Starbucks, But I Don't Think You Can

A grid of starbucks menu items and the test "Can you spend under $20?"
Starbucks / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Time to put the πŸ€‘ bucks πŸ€‘ back in Starbucks, y'all. Test your skills here.

5. I Really Don't Think You Can Spend Over $50 At The Mall Food Court β€” Can You Prove Me Wrong?

Pizza, a cinnamon roll, and frozen lemonade
Sbarro / Cinnabon / Aunie Anne's / BuzzFeed

Oh, to be having a feast with your friends in a mall food court. If you're up for the challenge, you can take the quiz here.

6. It Shouldn't Be Hard To Spend Over $60 On Breakfast At Denny's, But You Probably Can't

Miranda from The Devil Wear Prada thinking and a cinnamon pancake meal
20th Century Studios / Denny's

Let's be honest, breakfast food is the best food πŸ₯ž. See if you're a big breakfast spender here.

8. It Shouldn't Be Hard To Spend Over $75 On Dinner At Olive Garden, But You Probably Can't

Fried lasagna, shrimp scampi, and layered chocolate cake
Olive Garden / BuzzFeed

It might seem ~impastable,~ but you've got this! 🍝Put your skills to the test.

9. Spending Over $50 At Panera Shouldn't Be That Hard, But I Don't Think You Can Do It

Tomato soup and grilled cheese, and Kathryn Hahn looking confused
Panera / Marvel Studios

*Casually adds five servings of mac 'n' cheese to cart* Take this quiz to find out whether or not you've got what it takes.