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    17 Tweets For Anyone Who's Been Going To Sleep At 3 A.M. For Absolutely No Reason

    "I’m hoping my sleep schedule gets so messed up that it comes back around to the right time."

    Hello, internet friends! Please raise your hand if your sleep schedule has been personally victimized by quarantine too.

    For any of y'all out there eating dinner at 10 p.m. and staying up until 3 a.m. doing absolutely nothing, here are some hilarious tweets that are way too relatable:


    I don't even have a sleep schedule anymore i just been existing


    me: i'm going to sleep early tonight me at 3 am:


    My quarantine routine: 5 am: tired 7 am: tired 10 am: tired 12 pm: tired 3 pm: tired 5 pm: tired 7 pm: tired 10 pm: tired Bed time: ENNNNEERRGGYY


    If it’s 6am and you haven’t gone to sleep yet clap ur hands


    i’m hoping my sleep schedule gets so messed up that it comes back around to the right time


    We’ve basically reached the point where we are living our dogs’ lives. We take a walk in the morning, a walk at night, get excited over a snack then nap the rest of the day.


    Me, convincing myself that I’ll fix my sleep schedule one day


    i’ve decided to fully embrace my new nocturnal lifestyle and learn how to make it work for me. if you see me drinking coffee at night, don’t say shit about it.


    My sleep schedule is fucked so I don’t really have mornings any more, but I miss having three distinct parts of the day. Here’s my new proposal: 1st. Afternoon 2nd. Night 3rd. Super Night


    When I go to the kitchen for a late night snack and see my siblings there too


    quarantine got me up at 6:30am deciding whether or not i should start my day or go to sleep and wake up at 4pm


    I’ve realized, in the age of quarantine, I rely entirely on animal crossing to have a functioning sleep schedule so I don’t miss out on day events and stores being open


    Me: *Has a consistent sleep schedule* Quarantine by Week 2:


    everynight i turn out my lights, try to go to sleep, cant do it, get up, eat one pickle spear, get back in bed, fall asleep immediately


    Goes to sleep extremely late...wakes up exhausted and is tired throughout the whole day and...repeat.


    me every night when i realize its 5am and i stayed up all night on my phone instead of going to sleep early like i told myself i would: _______ ༼ (._.)📱 ༽ |▓▓▓▓| |▓▓▓▓| |▓▓▓▓| |▓▓▓▓|


    Me: I’m gonna use quarantine to get my shit together. I’m even going to bed early. Day 6 at 3AM:

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