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I Was Today Years Old When I Learned These 17 Life Hacks, So Obviously I'm Sharing Them With You

Once again, I am wondering if I ever knew how to do anything at all.

1. This hack to stop your microwave from waking up the whole dang house when you're making midnight snacks:


How am I just now finding this out? 🤣 🤫 #hack

♬ original sound - Michelle

2. This Google Chrome hack that'll make the 3,000 tabs you currently have open feel slightly less overwhelming:

3. This simple kitchen trick that left me wondering what else I had no idea I was doing wrong:

4. This quick fix for those times you realllllllly have to pee but the stall door is not cooperating: 


I really stood in the bathroom making this for five minutes 😀 #fyp #lifehacks

♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

5. This super-easy way to remove the plastic packaging around drink packs without pulling out a knife or scissors:


#stitch with @hellorickyg DAWG. TikTok has taught me soooo much #fyp

♬ original sound - Chan’tal

6. This easy DIY that'll take your sink from stinky to stunning:


🔥 👍 Your sink stinks!? Fixing this is SO EASY! #diy #clean #tips #foryou #satisfying

♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre

7. This cold weather clothing hack that'll keep you feeling warm and looking good all winter long:

Them: wtf how do u wear skirts in the winter? Me: *pulls skin* Them: 👁👄👁 #tightshack #winterhack #fashionhack #style #fyp

♬ original sound - Kerina Wang

8. This super-simple pro tip that has me slightly angry I ever tried peeling these stickers off in the first place:

9. This money-saving tip that'll make the most of those jeans you have that don’t fit quite right around the waist:

10. This grocery store trick that is a lifesaver for any short person who doesn't want to climb in the freezer just to get the last pint of ice cream:

11. This garlic-cutting hack that I am shocked and appalled I did not think of before:


So its really been this easy the whole time 😅 #foodies (via @buannldsma )

♬ original sound - Foodies

12. This tire-fixing hack that expertly explains how to nail a DIY repair next time you have an air leak:


If you have a nail or air leak in your tire, worry no more 🥴😂

♬ original sound - Ovet Reynoso

13. This sliding spice rack idea that'll encourage you to give those herbs waaaay in the back of your cupboard the attention they deserve:

14. This easy layering hack that gives you all the style of a turtleneck without the sweat:


Reply to @moni0.0 pls don’t call me baby

♬ Sorry Ms Jackson - Nick Davis

15. This paint trick that'll keep your brush from drying out if you don't finish your project all in one day:

16. This mason jar hack that repurposes an old parmesan cheese lid into the perfect new drinking cup:

17. And finally, this trick for removing stains from your Tupperware that you're gonna need every time you have leftover spaghetti:

You can read more about this life hack here.