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A Viral TikTok Showed People How To Get Stains Out Of Their Tupperware, And It's So Simple

How did I not know about this?

We've all been there: You stash some delicious food in your Tupperware, and when it's time to clean it, the leftover residue leaves the container greasy to the touch and a permanent reddish-orange color. It's gross!

Well, thanks to TikTok user Adi Kempler, we now know a hack to get those greased-up Tupperware containers looking and feeling good as new. Y'all ready for this magic???

All you need is some dish soap, warm water, and torn-up bits of paper towel. Toss them all into the container, seal the lid, and shake it hard for 45 seconds to a minute. Here's what Adi's container looked like before working her magic:

Screenshot of dirty, stained tupperware

And here's the post-shaking reveal. Good as new!

Screenshot of the clean tupperware

"My stepmom actually showed [the trick] to me," Adi told BuzzFeed. "She’s been doing it for years prior to getting nicer glass containers, so she gave me the tip when I was having trouble getting rid of stains."

Screenshot of a woman's hand shaking a tupperware container

And Adi admits that she was dubious about the hack until she tried it for herself:

At first, I really didn’t think it was legit. It seemed like no matter how much I soaked or scrubbed, nothing did the trick like this method.

Since posting her Tupperware sorcery to TikTok, it's gone massively viral, amassing nearly 4 million views and half a million likes. And lots of people are trying it out for themselves. The verdict? Apparently, it really does work for some people:


#duet with @adikempler I tried it with spray dish soap and it worked! #kitchenhack #lifehack #pasta

♬ original sound - adikempler

The before and after shots on these videos are pretty damn satisfying:

Another user tried it with mixed results, noting: "This actually worked pretty well, not perfect but better than nothing!"


#duet with @adikempler This actually worked pretty well, not perfect but better than nothing! #lifehacks #hacks #dishes #homehacks

♬ original sound - adikempler

Of course, the effectiveness of this trick probably depends on what type of Tupperware you're working with and how long the stains have been set. But it's definitely worth trying out before you throw those old, greasy containers away!

You can check out the full video below, and follow Adi on TikTok here and Instagram here.