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Kate McKinnon Broke Character During "SNL" Last Night In The Best Way Possible

"Kate, are you okay?" "Obviously not."

This is Kate McKinnon. She's one unbelievably hilarious human and we love her for it. Well last night she appeared on SNL's "Weekend Update" with a new character and made our lives 1000x better.

Everyone, meet Dr. Wenowdis.

Dr. Wenodwis' whole shtick was responding "we know dis" or "we don't know dis" to Colin's not-so-fun facts about Trump's coronavirus diagnosis. It's a blast!

Doctor saying "we know this" to Trump answering question from a doctor on Fox and "we don't know this" about if he's tested negative"

Toward the end of the segment, Dr. Wenowdis decided he simply could not leave until he'd done his duty of giving Colin a blood pressure test:

The doctor trying to give Jost a blood pressure test

And, well, this is where it all starts going downhill:

Colin saying "Kate, Kate! Are you okay?" and Kate responding "I'm obviously not!" and laughing

Kate went on to explain how she came up with Dr. Wenowdis:

McKinnon explaining that she started doing the character at home because she has a lot of wigs and props.

And then she hit us right in the feels with this reality check:

McKinnon talking about the things we don't know, like who will win the election, when the pandemic will end, and what will happen to the world.

And finally, the sketch ended in this positively perfect interaction that, tbh, sums up 2020 pretty well:

Doctor saying "But Colin, the one thing we do know is, that, no, we don't know that."

You can watch the whole 5 minutes and 6 seconds of pure serotonin below:

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