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15 Times The Universe Gave Us Something So Bonkers, We Couldn't Help But Laugh

This Bob Ross burrito lives rent free in my mind, tbh.

1. This guy whose body was trying to tell him something:

2. This burrito that had a hidden masterpiece:

3. This very fancy cat:

4. Similarly, this fish that looks like a father of four:

5. This fungi that had big dreams of being a fruit instead:

6. This vine that just wanted some peace and quiet:

7. This reflection that was not about to be upstaged by a logo:

8. This feline who's a fan of flipping people off:

9. This tree that had a very different idea about the kind of bark it was supposed to grow:

10. This caterpillar that looks like it reaaaaally loves penguins:

11. These guys who are, uh, very different indeed:

12. This plant that wanted everyone to know it was still doing a-okay after an accident:

13. This office plant that's just sliiiightly NSFW:

14. This arachnid that made its own Spider-Man fan art:

15. And finally, these water bottle shadows that are straight out of a horror movie: