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    52 McDonald's Meals From Around The World That I Am Sooo Jealous We Don't Have In The US

    From fried Camembert Bites to a Bulgogi Burger, here's everything you need to try.

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    1. In Central America, you can get a Desayuno Tradicional — or traditional breakfast — which includes corn tortillas, refried beans, scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, and plantains.

    2. In Sweden, they serve these thin, crêpe-like pancakes with a sweet strawberry topping.

    3. In Cyprus, you can order a grilled halloumi cheese muffin, with or without bacon.

    english muffin topped with grilled halloumi, bacon, tomato, and lettuce

    4. In South Africa, you can order a SA Breakfast plate, which consists of scrambled eggs, sausage patties, tomato, grilled onions, fries, and buns.

    5. McDonald's locations in Colombia and Venezuela offer arepas with a variety of fillings, like this one with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

    corn pancake filled with egg and veggie mixture

    6. McDonald's in Indonesia serves Nasi Uduk McD — a porridge dish topped with shredded fried chicken, scrambled eggs, chili paste, and fried onions.

    7. In Poland, you can enjoy a Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms Breakfast McWrap topped with fresh red pepper, arugula, tomato, and red onion.

    a whole wheat tortilla wrap with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, arugula, tomatoes, red peppers, and onions

    8. McDonald's in Turkey serves a Turkish Breakfast Plate consisting of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, scrambled eggs, and English muffins.

    9. In Australia, you can order a Big Brekkie Burger, which consists of two beef patties, bacon, an egg, hash browns, cheese, and barbecue sauce.

    10. McDonald's locations in Hong Kong offer a Ham N' Egg Twisty Pasta dish, which is served in a broth with a side of hash browns.

    Twisty pasta noodles in a light broth topped with a grilled ham slice a cooked egg, and a side of hashbrowns and tea
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    11. In South Korea, you can enjoy a Bulgogi Burger — a beef patty marinated in Korean bulgogi sauce and topped with lettuce and mayo.

    12. McDonald's Egypt offers a McFalafel wrap served with fresh veggies and tahini sauce.

    wrap filled with three falafel pieces, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, onions, and tahini

    13. In Germany, you can enjoy a massive Avocado Chili-Cheese Burger, complete with bacon and jalapenõs.

    A two patty burger with cheese, bacon, onions, jalapeños, avocado, and a chili cheese sauce

    14. McDonald's in South Korea serves a Shrimp Onion Burger — a panko-crusted shrimp patty topped with lettuce and fried onions.

    15. In the Philippines, you can order a Chicken McDo, which is a piece of fried chicken with a serving of spaghetti.

    16. McDonald's India offers a delicious-looking McAllo Tikki, which has a fried potato and pea patty and is topped with tomatoes, onions, and a vegetable sauce.

    17. McDonald's in El Salvador has a McWrap La Clásica Gourmet, which is a tortilla wrap filled with Angus steak, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and mayo.

    18. McDonald's in France offers a twist on their classic chicken sandwich with the Chicken Paprika.

    fried chicken, cheese, and paprika tomato sauce on a bun

    19. McDonald's India offers this vegetarian-friendly Bigspicy Paneer Wrap, which is a tortilla wrap filled with fried paneer cheese, fresh veggies, creamy sauce, and mustard.

    20. McDonald's Indonesia serves this veryyyyy tasty-looking Honey Garlic Fish Rice McD.

    Fried fish cut into slices on top of white rice and covered in honey garlic sauce

    21. In South Korea, you can order a McChicken Mozzarella — a fried chicken patty covered in a spicy Arabian-inspired tomato sauce and mozzarella sticks.

    22. To celebrate Tsukimi (the moon-viewing festival), McDonald's Japan released a beef, egg, and bacon burger called the Tsukimi Burger.

    23. In the Netherlands, McDonald's offers the McKroket — a beef and ragout croquette topped with mustard and served on a bun.

    24. In New Zealand, you can enjoy a Crispy Chicken Loaded Lettuce Wrap topped with bacon, egg, cheese, and caramelized onions.

    Fried chicken topped with an egg, bacon, tomatoes, ketchup, mayo, cheese, caramel onions, and wrapped in lettuce

    25. McDonald's in the Netherlands offers this vegetarian-friendly Homestyle Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard Sandwich — a fried "chicken" patty topped with cheddar cheese, fried onions, white cabbage, batavia lettuce, and a honey mustard sauce.

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    26. In Mexico, you can order McPatatas seasoned potato wedges, which are served with a side of McQueso for dipping.

    27. McDonald's Poland offers these ooey, gooey fried Gouda Pillows.

    fried squares of breaded gouda cheese

    28. In Turkey, you can get an order of Onion Rings to go with your burger.

    29. Another classic — Sweet Potato Fries — are available at McDonald's locations in Norway.

    30. If McDonald's classic fries aren't quite your thing, McDonald's locations in Romania serve these yummy curly fries.

    31. If you're in the mood for something spicy, McDonald's locations in Norway serve sides of Hot Wings.

    32. In Russia, you can get an order of Fried Shrimp to accompany your meal.

    33. McDonald's in Sweden serves these Chili Cheese Tops filled with melted cheese and jalapeño bits.

    Fried cheese nuggets with jalapeño

    34. In Austria, you can enjoy these Cordon Bleu Stripes made with chicken, ham, and cheese.

    Chicken strips with bits of ham and cheese inside

    35. For a limited time in Japan, you can order these seasoned Shaka Shaka Fries, which are served with a Yuzu Seven Spice mayo.

    36. McDonald's in Greece serves these cheesy fried Camembert Bites topped with herbs and seeds.

    37. In Germany, you can enjoy these peeled, fried potato strips called Kartoffel Dippers.

    38. In Venezuela, you can enjoy a delicious Cheese Empanada.

    39. McDonald's in Great Britain offers these tasty Veggie Dippers made of red peppers and a sun-dried tomato pesto blend.

    Fried nugget with veggie mixture inside

    40. McDonald's in India offers their take on a pizza pocket — the Vegetable Pizza McPuff — which is filled with tomato sauce, carrots, bell peppers, beans, onion, and mozzarella cheese.

    41. If you're in the mood for something a little extra, McDonald's in Québec offers Spicy Buffalo Chicken Poutine, which adds an extra kick to the classic Canadian poutine.

    Fries topped with cheese curds, gravy, fried chicken, spicy sauce, and green onions

    42. In Italy, you can enjoy a delicious Panzerotti — a savory turnover filled with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

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    43. In addition to the classic apple pie, in Germany you can enjoy Erdbeer Tasche, a strawberry and cream cheese–filled pie.

    44. In New Zealand, you can get your hands on this sweet Apricot Pie.

    pie turnover with apricot jam

    45. In Thailand, McDonald's offers a sweet, creamy Corn Pie.

    pie turnover with corn

    46. McDonald's locations in China serve a suuuuper yummy-looking Taro Pie.

    pie turnover with jammy purple taro

    47. They also offer a tasty Pineapple Pie.

    48. In Austria you can order a Cocoa Raspberry Vanilla Pie — a chocolate pie crust filled with raspberry jam and vanilla custard.

    49. Along with their Tsukimi moon-viewing burger, McDonald's Japan also serves a Tsukimi pie filled with mochi and red bean paste.

    50. McDonald's in Australia serves chocolate and salted caramel (pictured below) macarons.

    51. In Great Britain, you can enjoy a yummy McFlurry with Dairy Milk Caramel chocolate swirled in.

    52. And finally, in the Philippines, you can treat yourself to an Ube McDip — a classic vanilla soft serve cone with a hard ube shell.