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    23 Designers That Definitely Deserve A Raise

    Geniuses, all of them!

    1. This person, who knows the feeling of wanting your bread just a liiiiiittle toastier:

    2. This person, who made trying on clothes so much easier:

    3. This genius who labels what filling is in each empanada:

    4. This designer, who grouped things by step rather than type:

    5. This person, who definitely understands late night snacking:

    6. This designer, who refused to waste precious storage space:

    7. This person, who built spoons into these lids to make cooking way easier:

    8. This designer, who put an end to soggy fries:

    9. Whoever designed this, which tells you how long it'll be until the light changes:

    10. This person, who installed the projector to come down from the ceiling:

    11. This genius, who knows exactly how many people touched this door:

    12. The person who designed these seats that flip up, so you can kick back when the bus is empty:

    13. This designer, who made cleaning your glasses so much easier:

    14. The genius who designed this, which tells you how full each train car is:

    15. The designer who made these lids that double as butter knives:

    16. Whoever designed this, so you don't get wet while turning on the shower:

    17. Whoever designed this charger that works on Android and Apple phones:

    18. This person, who knew you can never have too many outlets:

    19. The mastermind behind this very clear system:

    20. This designer, who took the guesswork out of turning on the fan:

    21. Whoever designed this toilet that you can flush with your foot:

    22. The designer who made an anti-gap button-up shirt:

    23. And this person, who made a fountain for you and your pup:

    h/t r/DesignPorn and r/GoodDesign