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    18 Sam Wilson And Bucky Barnes Moments That Prove They're The Best Characters In The MCU

    "Can you move your seat up?" "No ❤️"

    If you're anything like me, you've probably been watching the iconic duo that is Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes kill it in their new series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+.

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    Well, I figured we could take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on the very best of Sam and Bucky — together and independently — in the MCU before their show! Here are 18 of their most iconic moments:

    1. First of all, when Bucky politely introduced himself to Sam by...ripping the steering wheel out of the car Sam was driving:

    Sam saying "shit!"
    Marvel Studios

    Because this is how all great friendships start, obviously.

    2. When Bucky said goodbye to Steve before going off to war...:

    Bucky telling Steve not to do anything stupid while he's gone and Steve saying he's taking all the stupid with him
    Marvel Studios

    3. ...And when they did the same thing in reverse when Steve left to return the Infinity Stones in Endgame:

    The same dialogue as the previous scene, but Steve is telling Bucky not to do anything stupid
    Marvel Studios

    Oh, how these elderly supermen make me cry.

    4. When Sam met Steve for the first time...and then again when Steve lapped him:

    Steve running past Sam again and again saying "On your left."
    Marvel Studios

    Poor Sam, just constantly getting dunked on by elderly supermen left and right.

    5. When Bucky reminded Steve who the man behind the mask was:

    Bucky saying he's not following Captain America, he's following the little guy from Brooklyn too dumb not to run away from a fight. And asking Steve if he's keeping the costume
    Marvel Studios

    6. When Bucky saw post-serum Steve for the first time in The First Avenger and was all of us:

    Steve:I thought you were dead. Bucky: I thought you were smaller.
    Marvel Studios

    Not even Bucky Barnes was immune to Captain America's transformation from lanky dude to human Dorito.

    7. When Sam was understandably still on the fence about being chill with the super soldier who tried to end him just scenes before:

    Bucky sharing personal facts about Steve and Sam saying "just like that, we're supposed to be cool?"
    Marvel Studios

    A fair response, tbh.

    8. When Sam was very much over long, drawn out villain monologues:

    Crossbones talking about how this is going to hurt and rambling about Hydra, and Sam saying shut the hell up
    Marvel Studios

    9. When Steve and Bucky had their big ~face off~ in The Winter Soldier:

    Steve saying he won't fight Bucky because they're friends and he's with him til the end of the line, and Bucky panicking and stopping
    Marvel Studioshe

    10. And, of course, the scene it called back to that has and will forever make me cry:

    Bucky telling Steve to stay at his place after Steve's mother's funeral, Steve saying he can get by on his own, and Bucky saying he doesn't have to and is with him 'til the end of the line.
    Marvel Studios

    11. When Sam tried to introduce Natasha to his mechanical child, Redwing:

    Sam telling Natasha to thank Redwing, not him, her saying she will not, and him telling her Redwing is cute, per him!
    Marvel Studios

    Excuse me! I would very much like to pet Redwing, please and thanks.

    12. When Sam asked T'Challa the question that was on all our minds:

    Sam asking T'Challa if he likes Cats
    Marvel Studios

    *Gretchen Wieners voice* “Oh my god, Sam, you can't just ask someone why they're a cat!”

    13. When Sam and Bucky gave us this *chef's kiss* interaction that made us want 1,000 more scenes of them together:

    Sam refusing to move his seat up for Bucky, and Bucky scooting to the other side
    Marvel Studios

    14. When Sam and Bucky were excited to be supportive wingmen for their BFF:

    Steve and Sharon kissing, and Sam and Bucky smiling from the car
    Marvel Studios

    15. When Bucky met Spider-Man for the first time and was understandably Very Confused™️:

    Bucky asking what the hell is that and Sam saying everyone has a gimmick now
    Marvel Studios

    16. When Sam continued enforcing his "no dumb monologues during fights" rule:

    Sam activating Redwing while Spider-Man talks and pulls him away, Bucky asking why he didn't do that earlier, and Sam saying I hate you.
    Marvel Studios

    It's my personal belief that Sam and Bucky share a grand total of three brain cells, and I think this scene proves it.

    17. When Sam came to the rescue AND gave Steve a taste of his own medicine in Endgame:

    The final battle, when Sam tells Steve he's on his left and the portals that bring the other  Avengers in open up
    Marvel Studios

    18. And finally, when Steve passed the Captain America shield over to Sam:

    Bucky telling Sam to talk to Steve, Steve telling Sam to try on the shield, Sam saying it feels like it's someone else's, and Steve saying it isn't
    Marvel Studios

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go continue scrolling through SamBucky memes and pretend half of these scenes did not make me tear up.

    Marvel Studios

    Don't forget to watch these two lovable dorks on Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

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