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    19 People Who Woke Up, Started Their Day, Then Immediately Regretted It

    If I were any of these people, I would simply turn around and go right back to bed.

    1. This person who forgot to shut their window on the wrong day:

    2. This person who ordered pizza and instead got a big ole box of disappointment: 

    3. This person who somehow confused a pregnancy test:

    4. This person who got a garlicky surprise:

    5. This dad who just wanted to enjoy a nice candle while perusing the internet and accidentally melted his screen:

    6. This person who got pepper with a side of eggs for breakfast:

    7. This person who I guess technically got their food delivered:

    8. This person whose cat thinks anything can be a bathroom:

    9. This person who got a sweet surprise:

    10. This person who probably did not get their happily ever after that day:

    11. This customer who somehow got a medium-rare chicken sandwich:

    12. This couple who expected a nice, cold bottle of champagne, but they actually got a candle:

    13. This person who may or may not have gotten dressed in the dark:

    14. This poor soul who went through the trouble of sorting all their cards and took a tragic trip:

    15. This kid who dropped his Kindle at just the wrong angle:

    16. This person who wanted a treat and instead got a cruel trick:

    17. This person who just wanted his clothes cleaned and ended up paying to get the bag he put them in dry-cleaned too:

    18. This person who learned that they had much bigger problems to deal with than their pile of dirty laundry:

    19. And finally, this person who didn't know that the toilet was already occupied:

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks.